FLIPZ Retractable Sunglasses

South of CR466A

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Can be worn as a standard pair Sunglasses or can be converted to attachable Sun Shades that fasten to any front brim hat ( i.e baseball hat) in just seconds.


Patented fine ratchet visor clips keep Sun Shades secure in any position under the brim of a hat while allowing total ease of use – Can be flipped up or down almost effortlessly.

Come with stylish carry case.


FlipZ Sunglasses can be worn as a standard pair of lenses but have removable side rails that instantly convert them into brim-attachable sun shades in seconds! Patented ratchet action visor clips allow the lenses to be securely “flipped-up” under the brim of your hat at anytime without the need for removal or relocation like other sunglasses. Perfect for when you need to see without sun tint down the fairway or when putting on the green. All flipz Sunglasses are Polarized. Each pair comes with stylish flipZ soft carrying case.



$25 OBO


South of CR466A