Whirlpool DryAire Drying Cabinet

Between CR466 & CR466A

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White DryAire Drying Cabinet by Whirlpool
Model LMA1053MQ

CRAFTERS: a safe place to dry and store your dyeing projects. Appliance finish cleans up easily.

A faster and more organized alternative to air drying. Temperature controlled air circulates through the cabinet, quickly drying a variety of clothing items – from delicates to work boots
Clothes drying cabinets are new additions to the laundry room. As the name suggests, they let you air dry clothes those clothes that aren’t supposed to go in the dryer in significantly less time than with regular air drying. One example is the Whirlpool DryAire Drying Cabinet. It holds up to eight hanging garments, two sweaters, and a number of items like shoes, toys, or wet umbrellas. It has different cycles that range from “air only” to “heavy-duty.” The drying cabinet has sliding shelves, a reversible door, and plentiful door racks to accommodate different sized items.
The MSRP for a new Whirlpool DryAire is $699

Dimensions 68″x24″x24″  Call Ken at 774-287-0152 between 9 AM and 9 PM


Between CR466 & CR466A