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Two Guitars for Sale

North of CR466

Two very good Chinese made copies of nice guitars. One is a copy of a Gibson 345. This guitar is hardly played at all. It is in prefect condition and comes with a hardshell case. The actual Gibson sells for about $4,000. You can have this very playable instrument for 1/10 of that. A lot of people buy these and replace all of the electronics and hardware with genuine Gibson hardware which can be done for about an additional $400. For $800 you can have what is basically a $4,000 Gibson

The second guitar is a very well made copy of a 1958 Rickenbacker 325. This is a copy of John Lennon’s first Rickenbacker which was used on The Beatles first Ed Sullivan Show appearance. It was also used to record The Beatles first two albums. This Chinese copy has been upgraded and customized to look exactly like John’s. A Bigsby B5 tailpiece has been added along with single coil toaster pickups and period correct Grover Sta Tite tuners and brushed chrome knobs.

These guitars sell online for about $300 each. The cases are another $100 each. Both come with cases. The upgrades to the Rickenbacker cast about $300.

I’ve seen and owned several of these copies from China. Some are great, others are basically unplayable. These two are very good. You can buy them order them from China and not know what you’re getting or you can come and play these and decide.

You can buy either for $450 or both for $800.


North of CR466