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Small Quilting machine

South of CR466A

Stand up Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen quilter. Finish your quilts yourself. Foot print is only 4 ft x 5 ft, plus room to get around it. Comes with electro-magnetic channel locks ($1000 item), ruler base ($150 item), bobbin winder, all tools that came with it.  Well taken care-of machine, recently had tech check up. Great size to keep in your winter home or for getting into doing your own quilting. Handi Quilter is a very conscientious company, outstanding tech support from manufacturer. 

I’ve had a great time working on my quilts. HQ store in Ocala for hands-on help. I hope someone will learn to love my machine as I have. I’m graduating to a bigger set-up since now I have a bigger room for it


South of CR466A