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Single father needs cheap car asap. Please help! God bless!

I just recently move here from Maryland. I found a good job that some of you may know of, I\’m not going to be too specific but we do a lot of work at the rec centers and the pools for the entire Villages area. Due to a recent tragic set of events I am now without a vehicle to continue to get back and forth to work which is very important because I\’m a single father of a 21 month old baby girl. I\’m not one to put my personal business out there but I honestly I\’m running out of time to find a cheap vehicle so I guess this was my last resort hoping to catch someone\’s eye that\’s looking to get rid of their vehicle to an honest hard-working man he just wants to provide for his family that\’s down on his luck. I know this was a long shot but it was worth a try. Thank you for your time, god bless!

Robert A Peters

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