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Sheet Music Magazine Collection

South of CR466A

Sheet Music Magazine was published for 36 years and ceased publication in 2012. I have magazines in my collection from 1982 through 2001 and most years are complete.  There are some missing issues in a few of the years.  These are the Standard Piano Edition.

Each magazine has articles about music, and usually around 15 printed songs.  Each song is the complete score with a lead melody, full accompaniment, and guitar chords.  The songs also include the verses to the songs if they had one.  Some magazines included a center section called “The Music Workshop” which had questions, rhythm workshop, drills & skills, special arrangement of some of the songs featured in the magazine, etc.

There are approximately 125 magazines, give or take.  The best price is the one that takes all the magazines…I’d rather not break them up and sell them piecemeal.

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South of CR466A