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South of CR466A

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Pet Sitter Wanted – We have a very sweet 16 month old miniature Bernedoodle (ZaZa) who doesn’t like to be left alone and we don’t like to cage her. As a result, I’m looking for someone who wants some good enthusiastic puppy company a few tines a week for 4-5hrs while my wife and I play golf together. She’s a very friendly doodle who loves anyone and everyone and I’d like to find someone who would enjoy her loving company, and visa versa, on a part time basis. I’m looking for help mostly on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday mornings starting at 7-8am to noonish depending on our actual tee times.

Kind of like having a puppy grandchild.

I don’t mind paying some sort of modest fee for this service, however, it’s got to make sense for everyone.

Please let me know if you’re interested and we can talk it over together.

My name is Tripp Smith and my wife and I live here in The Village of Fenney.


South of CR466A