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Honeywell Dehumidistat, Like New

Between CR466 & CR466A

Honeywell Dehumidistat, Like New. Not kidding about ‘like new’; we bought it to install in what turned out only weeks later to be our FIRST house in TV….

For those who don’t know how a dehumidistat works, the issue with mold in our climate stems from humidity, not from heat. The dehumidistat is wired in series with the thermostat, and when people are present in the home, it is set to ON, which deactivates it. When one is to be away for a period of time, one sets the dehumidistat to 60 (meaning 60% humidity) and the thermostat to 78°. If humidity is below 60%, the unit keeps the thermostat turned off. That is, even if the inside temperature reaches, say, 95°, the air conditioning will not come on until humidity reaches 60% (and the temperature, of course, would be above 78°). It’s pretty amazing how much less electricity one’s home uses during periods of time that the house is unoccupied.

We are also selling a Honeywell Pro 3000 Thermostat in a separate  listing. If interested, please do a search for it.

Please call 352-566-6163 and leave a message in the event I’m not there to answer. Thank you.

David Jaman

Between CR466 & CR466A