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Gunther Rall: A Memoir Luftwaffe Ace and NATO General By Jill Amadio 448 pages Gunther Rall was the elite of the elite. The third ranking German fighter ace of World War II with 275 kills, Rall and his fellow fighter pilots were feared and respected in the war-torn skies of Europe. Now, with author Jill Amadio, Gunther Rall recalls his years as a fighter pilot in the Luftwaffe on both the Eastern and Western fronts in this long awaited biography, Gunther Rall: A Memoir. Rall recounts his many dramatic victories and his narrow brushes with death, as well as a NATO general. Gunther Rall passed away in 2009.

New condition FIRST EDITION SIGNED COPY. Inside end page has Gunther Rall’s signature beneath a smiling portrait, and a stamped box just below his signature identifying it as a signed copy with a stamp of the Iron Cross Award and ribbon just beneath that. #102/550

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South of CR466A