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Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz 4-pc Drum Set

South of CR466A

This set projects a warm, round, classic tone. The traditional bebop sizes with 18″ bass drum makes it a fine gigging jazz kit but the Club Jazz can also play comfortably in other music styles, especially if you need to lay into a kit in a smaller live venue. Plus its distinctive retro looks are sure to capture attention.

Whether you’re looking for a classic jazz kit or small kit for gigs/rehearsals, the Catalina Club Jazz kit projects a retro sound, vibe and spirit that will keep you deeply grooving.
Walnut Glaze – light use – very clean condition


  • 14×18 Bass Drum
  • 8×12 Tom
  • 14×14 Floor Tom
  • 5×14 Snare Drum with die cast rims
  • Master Vintage 21” ride, 19” crash-ride and 13” hi-hats
  • Gibraltar hardware and throne
  • Tuxedo cases for drums, cymbals plus hardware tilt and roll case

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South of CR466A