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Golf Practice Mat, Net and Ball Tray

South of CR466A

I bought the portable net, ball tray and hitting mat last year when I had a large garage in Virginia. I just moved to the Villages and my garage is too small to set this up so I’m selling everything. 

The mat alone cost over $500 and is extremely heavy. I don’s know how much it weighs but it will take two people to lift it into a pickup truck. It’s a gel layer under the grass surface that makes this mat so special. If you hit behind the ball you’ll feel the club slow down a lot. This teaches you to contact the ball first. It’s the same size mat you’ll find a driving range.

Here’s a link to a similar mat. I couldn’t quickly find the actual mat; 
TrueStrike Golf Mat

The net is super easy to put up and collapse and cost over $200. Here’s a link for it;

The ball tray is also of high quality. 

As you can see this package with tax and delivery has a value of double my asking price.

Thanks, Tim 407-394-0570


South of CR466A