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Golf Cart Misting Machine

North of CR466

I purchased these misting machines for my golf cart as the Florida sun can be treacherous at times. They wire directly to 12 volts and when the water reservoir is full, they have a run time of approximately 5 hours. When the tank is empty, you simply add another two bottles of water. Also, on the left hand side, there are two USB ports to charge your phone/ gps/ speaker or anything for that matter. This machine draws extremely little voltage and will NOT affect the function of the cart. It works on both electric and gas carts, and installation is extremely easy. Also, the machine has two knobs, one to control the airflow and one to control the amount of mist. No holes or permanent modifications necessary!  

Because I found this machine the be so unique, and because it really allows you to fully customize your golf cart, I bought 10 units. I am really just looking to sell the remaining 8 units as they are taking up space in my garage. Furthermore, I am willing to loan a unit to the first person interested, as you will truly see the value it adds. Water resistant, 1 year warranty, feel free to ask any more questions. Heights are adjustable, some prefer it down low, touching dash and others like it up high like a sun visor. 


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North of CR466