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New 2020 Giant Road E+ PRO Size Large


I bought two bikes in September, a regular road bike and this electric bike. I needed to lose weight and felt the assistance from the electric bike would keep me riding longer than I would on a regular road bike. I did five rides on the electric bike and it was a blast to ride. My first ride was an hour long and I averaged 25.2 mph. My longest ride was 66.7 miles and my average speed was 19.2 mph. The last ride I did was 56.8 miles and my average speed was 19.9 mph. The bike currently has 267 miles on it. I never rode it in the rain or washed it with water. The bike has a top assisted speed of 28 mph but for some reason I feel assistance above 28 mph to about 28.5 mph.


When looking to buy an electric bike I tested the Trek and the motor was not as powerful as the SyncDrive Pro motor on the Giant which is actually a Yamaha motor rebranded. The Yamaha motor puts out 375 watts but the real benefit of this motor is the 80Nm of torque. Yamaha is considered the best electric motor out there. The Trek was $1,500 more and after researching every available electric bike on the market the Giant was the best. They’re more expensive bikes out there but the thousands of dollars extra didn’t add up to a justify the cost difference.


The Ultegra hydraulic disc brakes are great for wet weather stopping power. Much better than the outdated rim brakes. The bike has 11 speeds to insure you never run out of gears. The bearings are sealed and maintenance free so you don’t need to do anything more than keep the chain clean.


I don’t need to sell the bike I seemed to be riding the regular bike more now that I’ve lost some weight. I see a lot of people riding electric bikes around the Villages and thought that I should offer the bike up for sale since I don’t ride it much. Otherwise, I’ll just keep it if it doesn’t sell for a fair price. $3,900 is firm price.


Go to and see the specifications.


The bike does not include the white pedals as seen in the pictures. The pedals that came with the bike are used with regular sneakers and will be installed before your test ride.


Call or text me to schedule a test ride. I usually don’t answer the phone due to scammers so leave a message and I’ll return your call promptly. All text messages that seem like scammers will be ignored so don’t include an email address in your text message like the scammers are doing.


Thanks, Tim


South of CR466A