Endless water heater cleaning

South of CR466A

I just had my endless water heater cleaned for the first time in five years. It’s supposed to be done every year but I was unaware I used Bob KEHL, who can be reached at 630-660-8117.

for $70 he will clean it with a chemical not just vinegar like some do and it takes about 45 minutes for him to complete the process to include cleaning out the interior of your water heater to ensure there are not bugs and other undesirable nest.

Bob lives in the village of Fenney but can take care of you no matter which village you live in and it is a village resident who knows what he’s doing.

also, if you are a customer of his and your igniter goes out, he will replace it in a fraction of the cost of calling a plumber.

scott cammack

South of CR466A