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Electro Magnetic Therapy Mat

North of CR466


For those who would like to own a Beemer, but don’t want to spend the $6,000-$7,000 that it costs.

I have a brand new OMI pulse kit that is designed to function in exactly the same manner as the Beemer.

The Beemer mat is 48″ long x 25′ wide that consists of 6 copper coils. While my larger OMI pad measures 65″ long and 25″ wide,and consists of 8 copper coils. This allows the OMI to pulse most of the entire body in a single treatment.

The OMI kit also includes a circular electro-magnetic pulse treatment ring and a small battery driven pulse pad.

I am asking $1,200. for my new OMI

Call Robert at 352-450-1135 to answer any questions or to come by and take a look.

Thank You.


North of CR466