Talk of The Villages

Czech Crystal Vase

South of CR466A

23″ tall….7.5″diam…..approx 15Lbs…..(.75″ thick)
This vase was smuggled out of Czechoslovakia in the early 1980’s in a container shipment of pearls from Jablonex Glass Manufacturing. My family owned a fashion jewelry company in the US,  and the vase was a gift for being their largest customer. My father travelled there many many times and had admired this vase at the museum of glass and jewellery in jablonec.
I don’t know the value of this item item but my father always said that if something ever happened to him, to get this vase to a safe place fast. (and he owned many treasures). 
the condition of the vase is not perfect…..there are 2 tiny chips and a blemish that I see when I look close but I have to look very close. From a foot away they cannot be seen and I would think they can be easily repaired and polished out. This is a remarkable item…..and the price is firm

North of CR466