Classroom Space Needed

North of CR466


I am a 30 year veteran registered nurse with extensive teaching experience. I will be starting a nursing assistant training program in the area (there is a huge CNA shortage and we need more ASAP). I’m searching for at least 500sf to rent at a very low rate. I plan to have only 6 to 8 students to start, and the space would need to accommodate two hospital beds for the skills training portion of the class.

It is important that there is a restroom with a sink and a toilet for our use. I would like to have internet, but at this point it is not mandatory. Please contact me if you know of or have the space I am looking for.

I am not interested in Ocala area, only Wildwood, The Villages, Oxford, and close surrounding areas.

Thank you for your assistance.

Tina Smith, RN


Between CR466 & CR466A