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Bullworker Pro Pack Fitness and 3 Training Books

Between CR466 & CR466A

Complete cross training for men and women gives you everything you need to increase your strength, improve your flexibility, and boost your cardio; Build your chest, sculpt your back, tone your abs, strengthen your shoulders, and shape your legs with one easy to use complete cross training system. Save time and money with proven 7-second isometric holds engaging more muscle fibers than lifting weights, building stronger muscles up to 66% faster. This equipment currently sells for $329.99 on Amazon. Everything is still in the packaging it was shipped in,except for the Steel Bow. Also included are 3 training books (The Bullworker Bible,The Bullworker 90,and the 70 Second Difference). These books when purchased separately would cost over $60.00. Patrick (352)205-5891


North of CR466