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South of CR466A

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I have over $700 worth of brewing equipment including items that would have multiple uses besides brewing. The brew kettle is worth $150 alone. All has to be sold together. So, here we go…. 2 Kettles, 60,000 BTU propane burner, propane tank, 4 car boys, 2 bottle cappers, 2 transfer siphons, 2 bottle fillers, 3 hydrometers, assorted colored caps, Dextrose, multiple airlocks, copper wort chiller, 2 fermenter buckets, sanitizer, extra siphon hose, bottle rack, ingredients for wine and cider, funnel & sieve, around 7 cases of bottles (22 oz. 12 oz 16 oz),2 bucket openers, thermometer for steeping and cool down and other miscellaneous items. 2 recipe books included. If interested, I would be glad to help you get started if you are new to brewing.


South of CR466A