South of CR466A

Resistance and Aerobic workout machine – This is a First Class machine in excellent (like new) condition.  NOT a flimsy “as advertised on TV” gimmick exerciser.  This is well built, heavy duty, nicely finished machine built by the NAUTILUS exercise equipment company.

All original accessories are included, plus two brand new extra cables.  All Power Rods have full tension and the machine can be set up to do at least 50 different exercises.  Presses, Pulls, Curls, Leg Lifts, Abdominals, and Rowing, just to name a few. The manual shows all the various setups and combinations to tone ever part of you body.

The original Manual and Exercise Wall Chart is included.  Please see all photos.

Ordinally sold for $1,800.00.

Call Mike – 412 427 4160 to arrange a viewing time.


South of CR466A