2011 Challenger SRT 8 Supercharged

Between CR466 & CR466A

900 HORSEPOWER. Does that number take your breath away? It should, because one ride in this car will leave you gasping for air. This is NOT your average Challenger! Take a first edition, limited production number SRT-8, strap a $6,000 supercharger to the top of the motor, install forged pistons and rods to handle the power, upgrade to a short throw shifter, throw in performance injectors, billet fuel system, Snow Performance boost stage 2 methanol injector cooler, ported throttle body, then professionally tune and dyno to specs. Now you’re cooking. This baby has $15,000 of aftermarket parts added to it, and we’ve got the receipts to every one of them! There’s over $20k of total investment in this car between the parts and labor. The power on this car is absolutely mind numbing. The radiator hose is MADE OF GLASS. If you’re looking for a showstopper, don’t sleep on this one.

The tune currently has it pushing around 750 HP for daily driving. Believe it or not, this car is very smooth at cruising speed. With the hit of a button, the computer programmer can switch the car into track mode, making this dragon ready to snarl. The tune is adjustable up to 900+ HP. The previous owner said this car has “run in the 9’s” before.


North of CR466