2010 Star 4 seat Golf Cart

Between CR466 & CR466A

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One owner, 2010 Start Cart.

8 batteries @ 6V each for the longest range in a 48V cart. Two seats with foldable back seat for a 4 seat ride. Seat belts on all four seats. This was a new LSV for road use but deactivated to golf cart status a few years ago. Saves on insurance if you don’t want to ride on the roads.

Upper storage tray in cab and hi output USB charger on dash.

8, 6V batteries are 4 months old.

I used this same brand on the last cycle and got 4.5 years out of them. They are the DuraCell Hi Cap EGC2, 230 AH rating. You can run from Lopez to Brownwood play golf all day on a single charge.

The LSV version had a two speed switch, which both settings are set to 20 mph. I have a hand held diagnostic and programmer for the cart computer brain that if you want you can adjust the speed to whatever you want with this unit, and much more. Be aware the max legal limit is 20 but you can use this unit to set it to whatever you want.

Includes Eagle performance 15 Amp 48 volt charger.


Between CR466 & CR466A