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$1.25-$5. Home or Business Office Supplies: Envelopes, File Jackets, and File Guides All Brand New

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$1.25-$5. Home or Business Office Supplies: Envelopes, File Jackets, and File Guides All Brand New


$5. 500 Quantity No. 10 Regular Gummed Business Envelopes Moisture Seal [MSRP $19.29]

Mail documents to clients, customers or other intended recipients with these gummed envelopes. The white color helps handwritten or preprinted address labels stand out. Each envelope features a gummed flap for a secure seal. These white #10 envelopes come in a 500-count pack, making it easy to keep your work area stocked.


US #10 business envelopes are suitable for many mailing projects

Gummed closure with V-Flap keeps contents in place

500 envelopes in the box

The flap is on the long side for easier filling

Ideal for use in the home or office, these V-flap envelopes are perfect for mailing letters and other correspondence. Constructed of clean white woven paper are durable to ensure the safety of each envelope’s contents. Bulk packaging lets you save time and money associated with repeat supply orders.


These envelopes allow you to affix printed or handwritten labels to ensure accurate addressing of your correspondence. The V-flap closure is classic and professional, perfect for use in the home or office.


These size #10 V-flap envelopes are strong and sturdy. These envelopes are the ideal size for sending letters, flyers, brochures and other documents through the mail. A gummed V-flap closure is easy to moisten and secure, ensuring that your items stay safely in place throughout the shipping process.



$1.50 100 Quantity No. 6 Standard Gummed 3-5/8” x 6/5” Business Envelopes Moisture Seal [MSRP $4.99]

(two boxes available for purchase)

Stock up on your office’s mailing supplies with these gummed standard business envelopes.

Mail documents and other key correspondence with these business envelopes. These envelopes have been designed to withstand the stress of going through the postal system, ensuring that the documents within remain safe and unmarred during transit. These business envelopes have a gummed enclosure, making it easy to quickly seal them prior to mailing.


US #6 business envelopes are suitable for many mailing projects

These envelopes measure 3 5/8″H x 6 1/2″L in size, providing enough space for your mail

Gummed closure with V-Flap keeps contents in place

100 envelopes per box

The flap is on the long side for easier filling

These standard business envelopes combine durability, versatility and ease of use to create one product for all of your standard mailing needs. The envelopes are perfect for both home and business use, protecting their cargo from rough handling and long-distance travel. They come in a box of 100 to provide an adequate supply for either large mailings or long-term use.


These envelopes enable you to get your mail out as soon as possible. They are designed for quick sealing with a gummed V-flap that quickly moistens and seals the envelope. Don’t worry about taping for extra security, as the gummed envelopes provide secure closure.


The envelopes come in a standard #6 size, so they can be used for most of your standard mailing needs. They can fit both letter- and legal-size documents, letting you send everything from personal letters to smaller business documents.


The gummed envelops not only provide a secure sealing but also create a strong and durable package. They are able to withstand long journeys and rough handling.



$1.25 Smead File Jacket 75509 Reinforced Straight-Cut Tabs Letter Size Brand New! Red/Green/Blue/Yellow [MSRP $4.99]

Smead Colored File Jackets – Keep project materials under control using jackets that are closed on three sides to protect contents and keep materials from slipping out. Reinforced tab for long-lasting durability. Great for taking files out of the office and perfect for photos, documents, charts and X-rays. Available in a wide variety of colors for easy file identification.  Designed for document security. File jackets store odd-sized items, photos and bulky documents that do not fit in traditional file folders. Closed on 3 sides to keep papers secure.



$2.75 Pressboard Light Gray/Green File Guides Blank Tab For Letter Size Papers With 1/3 Tab Cut 29 Qty Brand New! [MSRP $11.99]

Navigate the file drawer faster! Add color-coded labels to create your own subdivisions in numeric drawer filing systems, or use in file pockets to separate papers into categories

Durable and versitile guides with blank top tabs

Made of heavy weight 25 point pressboard stock for superior durability.

29 letter size guides (11-3/4″ W x 10″ H). Each guide has a 1/3-cut blank tab in assorted positions.


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